Websiteupdate: 07-15-2019

  • # DCS: Mi-8 Section has started
  • # Brixmis educational Website was added to the general Tutorial Page. On this website one has a general overview of different Modules and can get lots of information, check it out.

Websiteupdate: 07-12-2019

  • # A new feature has startet to represent Video Series well sorted on one place. I started the Series with is Bunyaps Video Series named "on the Range" and "Testflight", whereas Testflight is for now covering the UH-1H and the F-86 Sabre...more will be added later. The Series overview page yet needs to be created, thus I placed the initial Link into the important resources Box (marked with ***NEW***). Later I´ll create a dedicated page for the most known YouTuber and their Video Series. I hope you find this kind of representation of all of these great resources useful. Any feedback would be great.

Websiteupdate: 07-11-2019

Websiteupdate: 07-10-2019

Websiteupdate: 07-07-2019

  • # Bunyaps F-5E Academic Series added to the F-5E Tutorial Collection
  • # F-5E Tutorial Collection started with lots of interesting Tutorials

Websiteupdate: 07-03-2019

  • # A-10C | added Markpoint and CDU Tutorial as new Sections

Websiteupdate: 07-01-2019

  • # MD-44´s F-14B Tomcat Guide was added to the F-14 Tutorial Collection.
  • # Navigation: Misc links directly refering now to the content instead of the navigation
  • # Changelog now also added to the Navigation page

Websiteupdate: 06-29-2019

  • # little helpers Section started (to be found the the Navigation/Misc
  • # Changelog added (Changelog can be accessed from of the footer)
  • # FW-190 Section was started with several great Tutorials
  • # A-4E Section was started with several great Tutorials
  • # A-10C Section was started with lots of great Tutorials

Websiteupdate: 06-28-2019

  • # loading issue with icons fixed
  • # grammer issue on Navigationpage fixed - Combat file --> CombatFlite (Thanks to Space_Cadet)
  • # F-15C and Mig-29 Sectioned started with a bunch of great Tutorials - Thanks to Pac-Man
  • # added several Tutorials to F-14 Section